July 3, 2022

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wonderful! The new MINECRAFT 1.19 is here, and it comes with both versions.

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Minecraft 1.19 launches today, loading new biomes, mobs, and technical changes to the Wild Update. This is (almost) the final push of all the new features that were originally presented to players during Minecraft Live in 2020 and was the last of three very big updates.

As always, there are no secrets hidden on launch day, Minecraft game director Agnes Larsson and developer Ulraf Walkin assure me. Mojang is as committed to player feedback as ever — or why on earth bother with snapshot builds, release candidates, and betas — and the developers talked about some of the changes that happened after 1.19 got its hands on players. .

Maybe the dreaded warden changed the most during development. “It was a place where we were looking for feedback from both our technical players and our challenge players,” explains Walkin. When I first tried to mess with the Warden in my debut snapshot from March, they were already scary enough. When agitated, roaring in my face, they made a very loud heartbeat, and wiped out every poor rooster I had produced in their path to distract them.

Now, he also has a Sonic Attack—a ability that emanates from his chest that lets tackle players figure out how to cleverly creep out of reach of his long arm. Those new Snitch-y, warden-summoning blocks like Skulk, found in the Deep Dark biome, also underwent changes based on feedback from players who love the redstone technical side of Minecraft.

“It’s a bit technical,” Vaikin says, explaining that Skull went from recording the first sound in the sensor code, but now responds to the first that’s closest to it. “We saw some contraptions that players tried to create and that weirdness in the code didn’t make them work, and we adjusted it to something that felt more intuitive.”

Feedback also has a huge impact on the ideas Mojang shuns. Leading up to the Wild update, fireflies (originally introduced as frog food in Minecraft Live 2020) have been a surprising point of contention, so much so that a recent Q&A video on the new Wild update features was titled “What happened to the fireflies in Minecraft” 1.19? ,

In that video, producer Anna Lundgren explained that players had explained how fireflies can be toxic to frogs. In our chat, Larsson and Vaikin elaborated that it wasn’t just the players who sounded the alarm. “I met pet store owners who said it’s already a problem because people aren’t getting educated about it and frogs have fond memories about eating fireflies,” Waikin says. “So people already make this mistake and if Minecraft escalates this mistake that makes it even worse.”

“We reach millions of players,” Larsen says. “And it must come with great responsibility. We realized that if we leave something like a firefly that is toxic to frogs and we have frogs eat them, people can actually kill their real-life frogs.” Huh. “

We reach out to millions of players, and that must come with great responsibility. Minecraft Game Director Agnes Larsson

My gut instinct is to protect developers who change their minds about in-development features for whatever reason, but Larson’s more measured explanation is probably smarter. Minecraft has been more than just a game at this point for years, also marketing itself as an educational tool. New Minecraft features aren’t just seen for the Bedrock vs. Java Edition or PC vs. Xbox interfaces, Mojang also has to consider its roles as both entertainment and education for its vast audience of young children.

Without the fireflies that served as the frog’s food, Larsen says the new insects would have been much smaller in scope. Mojang decided to eliminate them entirely for now, put them back on the grand idea list, and focus on the quality of the other features in the pipeline.

As far as what they’re personally hoping for in the new 1.19 features, Waikin is excited to see the new Allay friends flying around homes and constructions. Larsen, a player after my own heart, sets about finding new mangrove swamps and building new ones with sets of red mangrove wood and blocks of clay.

Minecraft 1.19 launches today with a long list of patch notes, and can be found in your Minecraft Launcher as a newly available version. Today is also the day when all Minecraft players will have access to both the Java and Bedrock versions of the game, even if they previously only owned one or the other.

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