June 30, 2022

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Spoilers! Dead from Daylight Reference Not sure if it shocks you for creepy, interesting, or crazy!

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Inspired by the cult classic slasher films, Dead by Daylight™ is a multiplayer (4vs1) horror and action game in which a brutal killer hunts four survivors trying to escape a gruesome death.

play with friends

Players can experience the thrill of both killer and survivor in this deadly hide and seek game. Survive as a team with your friends or outwit them all. Play as an assassin and sacrifice the survivors for the unit. Whether you enjoy making your friends laugh or scream, there is something in this 4vs1 odd survivor horror game that all players will love. With up to 5 players in a single killing ground, unexpected moments and unforgettable leaps await around every corner.

play as iconic characters

Dead By Daylight Mobile comes with some of the iconic killers from your favorite horror franchise. With Leatherface™, Michael Myers®, SAW®’s Amanda Young, Ghost Face®, or Silent Hill™’s Pyramid Head, our growing gallery of licensed characters has the variety your insatiable blood lust will love. And if players want to play as one of our Survivors, they’ll still get to play with beloved heroes like Halloween®’s Laurie Strode, SAW®’s David Tapp, Left For Dead’s Bill Overbeck, and Silent Hill™’s Cheryl Mason in the cult cult. Classic variety meets. ,

deep progress system

Between a variety of in-game experiences, randomly generated maps, and specially customized perks for characters, Dead by Daylight Mobile offers players virtually endless and rich progression and ever-changing experiences to enjoy. It comes with regular updates with variety of events and content.

fits in your pocket

Dead by Daylight Mobile is the same survival horror game you love on console and PC, but fully optimized for mobile and now always by your side.

* A stable internet connection is required to play this game.

*Device Requirements: At least a Samsung Galaxy S7 or equivalent with Android v7.0 (Nougat OS) or above

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