June 30, 2022

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Prince William Confronts the Controversy Over His Caribbean Tour, Claiming that Colonialism Still “Weighs Heavily” on People

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The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Prince William were visiting the Caribbean when they encountered protesters. Prince William is talking about him now. Wednesday’s National Windrush Memorial dedication, which recognizes those who immigrated to the UK from Caribbean countries between 1948 and 1971, contained a statement from William that touched on his journey.

Caribbean immigrants set foot on British soil for the first time, June 22, 1948

recognized as day windrush day And every year it is celebrated on that date. “Considering our journey has allowed us to gain so much knowledge. Not only about the many issues that are important to the local population, but also about how the past affects the present.

“Unfortunately, the same is true for the Windrush generation, who experienced prejudice when they arrived in this country, and discrimination continues to affect black men and women in the UK in the year 2022.”

Prince William faces controversy over his Caribbean tour, claims colonialism still in place "heavy loads" on people

During their Caribbean tour in March, William and Kate had to stay in Belize because of unrest before their arrival. The visit was intended to commemorate the Commonwealth’s support of Queen Elizabeth II, who had earlier celebrated 70 years as monarch in June.

The couple’s initial intentions to visit a cocoa estate in the foothills of the Maya Mountains were changed as a result of protests, organized by indigenous peoples, some of whom were carrying banners against colonialism.

Protesters gathered in the nation’s capital Kingston that week as they protested against the couple’s visit to Jamaica for the first time.

Additionally, a group by the name of Advocates Network British Commonwealth countries in the Caribbean issued an open letter objecting to the visit of the royals, claiming that British rule “perpetuated the greatest human rights tragedy in the history of mankind” – the enslavement of Africans in the region.

The British Commonwealth, which includes 54 countries such as Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas – all of which William and Kate have already visited – is led by Elizabeth as monarch.

Barbados, a country in the Caribbean, officially became a republic and broke ties with the monarch in late 2021, when she left the Commonwealth.

William admits to so-called Windrush scandal

Prince William He acknowledged the controversy in his speech on Wednesday, in which Caribbean immigrants to the UK were unfairly selected for deportation by immigration officials.

Prince William faces controversy on his Caribbean tour, claims colonialism still in place "heavy loads" on people

William replied-

“Only a few years ago, the Windrush scandal deeply abused thousands of people of that generation. The Caribbean community in the United Kingdom and many Caribbean countries pay attention to it, and rightly so.

Because of this, he continued, “As well as celebrating the diverse fabric of our families, communities, and society, it is important to recognize the future they wanted and deserved, for which the Windrush generation created.” Have made such a significant contribution. Diversity is what makes us strong and that best represents the contemporary, international values ​​that are so important to our nation.

William and Kate spent Wednesday interacting with young British-Caribbeans in addition to visiting the National Windrush Memorial. The couple went to Brixton House in south London to visit children attending Elevate, an event aimed at “connecting young people with creativity”.

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