July 3, 2022

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Ozark Season 4 is coming at the end of April

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The Netflix Series Ozark Is Reaching Its End

With audiences really liking the Emmy-winning series ozarki and all its seasons. We already had seven episodes of Season 4 streamed on Netflix. However, now viewers are on the lookout for another seven episodes of the Byrde family and yes there are some clues as to what is about to happen.

Read on to learn more about Ozark with the Season 4 finale.

Ozark will arrive at the end of April with a season 4 finale


The Byrde family has always kept the audience glued to their seats while watching this season. However, seven episodes of the Netflix drama from Season 4 have since aired on the network. Viewers want to know when the second half is coming. Well, viewers will be glad to know that it is now near.

January 21 was the last episode of Season 4 Part 1 of Ozark. The next set of episodes of Season 4 Part 2 is releasing on the network this month. To be specific with the dates it is slated to release on April 29. With this the series will finally come to an end as this is the final season for Ozark.

Jason Bateman reveals the season 4 finale of his Netflix drama


It was on Friday this week that the main character of the drama, Jason Bateman, appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show. What came as a surprise to everyone, however, was that Jason hinted at what was going to happen in the season 4 finale.

When asked in the show how the finale of season 4 is going to end. Jason cleverly did not spell out what was about to happen. But he said he wants a happy ending, although it could be a little different. However, he also added that whatever has to happen, it will definitely be exciting and emotional for the Byrde family in the end.

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