June 30, 2022

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moon night season finale review

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Moon Knight- a qualified MCU entrant

Now we have come to the end of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac has entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a big way and we can see why the actor was so excited to be a producer. Before we go into detail, know that there are big spoilers ahead.

moon night finale review

Moon Knight

Since episode 1, Moon Knight Had focused more on the psychology of the main character than the action. This largely continued until the last episode, but we got to see something grand. if we count Thor Movies, Moon Knight It is the first Marvel project to feature a fight between the gods. Ammit is revived by Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), and presented with his immense power and philosophy. Khonshu was revived thanks to Laila (May Kailamavi), but proved inferior to Ammit and his followers.

There is a lot of emphasis on the emotional aspects in the fourth phase of MCU. The show has taken it higher with the tear-jerking episode 5. But like other shows, the ending leans towards the action and some of the emotions get lost there. Although, Moon Knight Somehow managed to focus on everything in relatively short episodes.

the ending


After we saw Mark and Steven radically change personalities, Layla gaining the powers of the goddess Tawarat, and Kaiju-style brawls between Khonshu and Ammit, the show ended. But, there are always post credit scenes. And also Mark Spector’s personality three is known as Jake Lockley. A covert side that has been teased from the start, Lockley is briefly exposed in the final battle and nearly kills Harrow.

In the post credits, Harrow is being rescued from the hospital. He is put in a limousine where he meets Khonshu, who is now wearing a suit. Then the driver’s window rolls down, and the secretive third personality meets him face-to-face. He shot Harrow with a silencer pistol before driving. This indicates that there may be another season of the show.

all together, Moon Knight It was a fantastic series, and it’s really interesting to see the new approach Marvel has taken with the character as well as their content in general.

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