July 4, 2022

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Microsoft Teams performance is now 20% faster, claims the company.

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Microsoft claims that Teams for Windows 11 is now significantly faster as a result of the code enhancements.

By trade, latency has improved by 11.4 percent when scrolling through the chat list and by 12.1 percent when scrolling through the channel list.

In a blog post, the business said, “Over the past year, we’ve introduced upgrades for Teams that increase its overall interaction response time and provide a more fluid user experience.”

The Compose Message box now loads 63% faster, allowing users to type messages as soon as they enter a chat or channel.

Business wise the page load times are also quite fast. Both the time taken to change channels and the time taken to open the chat window were reduced by 25%.

There is a 17.4% increase in the ability to switch threads in Activity Feed. The time taken to switch between chat threads has improved by 3.1 percent.

There is a 16% improvement in the ability to mute and unmute audio during a call, and a 9% improvement when visiting the join page before a meeting.

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