July 3, 2022

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Mad Max: Fury Road prequel shooting begins, Chris Hemsworth announces

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The film stars Anya Taylor-Joy in the lead role

angry It’s started! Actor Chris Hemsworth shared that mad max fury road The prequel, which focuses on the character portrayed by Charlize Theron, has begun filming. The film took a long time to develop due to the COVID-19 pandemic and due to that, the release date has also been delayed. However, the announcement still generated a lot of excitement.

Furiosa Story and Team


Hemsworth shared a photo from the film Slate set on the scorched desert plain. Clouds set in the background, and the atmosphere matched the tone of the film. We can also see the director’s name, George Miller, on the slate. Miller had been part of the four mad Max movies, and he will also be telling the story of the fiery Imperator Furiosa and how she became a legend. Nico Lathouris, also a writer fury road Miller will help.

We saw Imperator Furiosa for the first and only time when Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron portrayed her in the 2015 film. She takes a massive rig carrying water and manages to help the wives of the villainous Immorton Joe escape. She tells Max (Tom Hardy) that she belongs to a clan of women named the Vuvalini, and that they were kidnapped.

The character will be played by Golden Globe-winning actress Anya Taylor-Joy in the prequel. Taylor-Joy is a firm Hollywood favorite since 2015 Witch. He has played great roles in Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, The New Mutants, Emma, ‚Äč‚ÄčLast Night in Soho, And peaky blinders,

release date

Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlize Theron
AP / Warner Bros.

As mentioned earlier, the film was delayed. So instead of its original June 2023 release, angry Will hit the theaters on May 2024. Till then stay tuned!

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