July 4, 2022

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Killing Eve writer speaks about season 4 finale

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Killing Eve novel writer speaks about Villanelle in season 4 of the drama

with killing eve Feather BBC Delivering an amazing story so far. Season 4 of the drama definitely left all the viewers of the drama a little more nervous. Well, unfortunately the reason for the discontent of the audience was the finale episode of that season. but guess what? Luke Jennings, the author of the novel Killing Eve, has opened up about the finale.

Read on to find out more about the Killing Eve Season 4 finale and Luke Jennings to talk about it.

Luke Jennings, author of the novel Killing Eve, says “Villanell Lives”

killing eve

As everyone eagerly waited for Killing Eve Season 4. Viewers were ready to see Eve and Villanelle finally fall in love together. However, something different happened in the season 4 finale of the drama. As the lead pair finally triumphs over evil. In the end Villanelle was shot and killed.

Viewers were certainly left upset and dissatisfied with the ending of Villanelle’s character. However, now novel writer Luke Jennings has spoken out about the finale, saying that “Villanell lives on”. Although Luke did not mention the BBC drama.

Villanelle survives in BBC drama novel


Luke Jennings, the author of the novel Killing Eve, knew that the BBC drama was going to kill Villanelle in the end. However, he also knew that the conclusion of the play would upset the audience. Because of which he recently openly said that Villanelle at least lives in the novel.

Although he believes that his novel story is well illustrated and screenplays sometimes go in his own direction. Though he thinks, he knew the audience would not like the ending. But he said that if not on screen then on paper, Villanelle will definitely make a comeback.

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