June 30, 2022

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Justin Bieber in legal trouble over hit song 10,000 Hours

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Justin Bieber and Dan + Shay in legal trouble

However, it is not new for singers to get into legal trouble for their songs. The latest legal battle has dragged on Justin Biber and Dan + Shay on their song “10,000 Hours.” The song came out back in 2019. However now Justin and Dan + Shay’s song is about facing copyright issues on it. So, what is the whole legal matter?

Read on to learn more about Justin Bieber and Dan + Shay’s legal trouble.

Justin Bieber has been sued for copyright infringement along with Dan + Shay

Justin Biber
Instagram/Dan + Shay

It was back in 2019 that Justin Bieber’s popular hit song “10,000 Hours” came out in collaboration with Dan + Shay. As the song topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart at #1. 4. Now it is reported that some companies have sued Justin and other artists of the song.

All three have been sued for copyright infringement. According to reports, the song ‘10,000 Hours’ has been found to be similar to a song that came out 40 years ago. It is said that the main part of that song was stolen by the three artists.

10,000 Hours Sued Over “The First Time Baby Is A Holiday” Song

Instagram/ Dan + Shay

As an International Manufacturing Concept, Melomega Music and Sound Gems has taken action against Justin, Dan + Shay. The complaint was filed by him in LA Federal Court on Thursday. In relation to the song “The First Time Baby Is a Holiday” which submitted its copyright in 1980. The trio’s song has forced all three artists to go along with the demands of companies suing them if copyright infringement is proved.

The companies have demanded money for damages, lawyer’s fees, statutory fees in connection with the lawsuit. With an injunction to prevent further distribution of the song. However, the three actors who filed the suit have not yet reacted to the suit. In the meantime, you can check out the song “10,000 Hours” below.

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