July 4, 2022

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John Wick 4 first poster unveiled at CinemaCon in Las Vegas

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John Wick 4 is just a year away from release

If the rumors are true, we’re very close to getting the first trailer for john Vicky 4, The Keanu Reeves-starrer is still a year away from release, but Lionsgate has already started the hype. Las Vegas is hosting this year’s CinemaCon this weekend, and one of the posters was for the film. The promotional poster is outside the venue for visitors to see. Keanu is shown in full John Wick mode with gun in hand. In the background are flowers, indicating a special meaning. Let’s read.

john wick 4 official title

john wick 4 poster

The title of the third film in the Lionsgate franchise was, John Wick: Parabellum, This trend is expected to carry on in the fourth season as well. Some earlier reports suggested that the film is titled John Wick: Chapter 4 – Hagakure, This Japanese lesson teaches us the way of the samurai. The filmmakers are yet to confirm this information.

The new film will be the first film not to feature producer Derek Kolstad. Kolstad had previously revealed in an interview that he would not appear in the fourth and fifth films. He said the studio had left him as the creative head. However, he is still close to directors Chad Stahelski and David Leach.

upcoming spin-off

set image

john wick Movies have become so iconic that more content is being developed in its world. a prequel series titled continental is in development, showing the younger years of Ian McShane’s character Winston. a spin-off film titled ballet dancer is also in development. anne of arms Has been in the lead role. With the poster, let’s hope the John Wick 4 official trailer Release at CinemaCon.

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