June 30, 2022

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Jennifer Gray reveals how her nose job ruined her career

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Jennifer Gray opens up about the things she regrets doing

Dirty Dancing actress Jennifer Gray recently talked about her life and the regrets she has in her life. While the actress appeared in the hit film Dirty Dancing opposite Patrick Swayze in the 1987 film. The remorse she talked about was something that affected her greatly.

Read on to learn about Jennifer Gray and the regrets of her life.

Jennifer Gray talks about regretting nose job

jennifer gray

As Gray is now 62 years old, she describes how the nose job she has chosen has affected her life. While she went for two rhinoplasty. She is now regretting the nose work. She revealed that people did not recognize her after the nose work.

Actually talking about his look after nose work. She said that she was taken as “invisible” by many. Also, she said that she did not look like the one she appeared in her movie Dirty Dancing. Her regrets were mostly because of the nose job which badly affected her career.

The downfall of Gray’s career due to rhinoplasty

Instagram/Jennifer Gray

While Jennifer thought she wasn’t a natural match to star Suez, opposite in the 1987 hit film. He shared that it was his mother Joe Wilder who inspired him to go for rhinoplasty. Her mother thought it would be difficult for her daughter to cast in films because of her natural nose.

Unfortunately despite being at the heights of his career at that time. She went for nose work. Also, she now believes that her nose work took away her true identity from her. Additionally, it also led to the downfall of her career after a nose job.

Not to be missed, she also shared how her friend Michael Douglas at a premiere didn’t recognize her after getting a nose job. Surely this form of his proved to be a disaster for him.

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