July 3, 2022

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James Harden-Ben Simmons Trade Revisited

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Two wrongs don’t make right, two left don’t make right, and as the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers have found, neither is it a problem to swap one for the other.

Now That the Sixers Are Out of the NBA Playoffs While They Failed to Cover point spread And with James Harden emerging as a traveler in his ultimate destiny, it’s time to revisit the trade that sent Philly’s problem-child to Brooklyn for a player’s one-time all-time scorer-turned-shell.

Which team won the trade? You decide.

James Harden to Philadelphia

James Harden arrived at City of Brotherly Love as a player, complementing Joel Embiid and a facilitator for the other members of the team. Embiid stated on the record that he had never been so open as he had been in Harden’s first few games with his new team, and that the two were labeled the biggest partnership since Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.

However, the honeymoon period did not last as Harden’s physical stature rapidly deteriorated, and the team began to shrink. The entire season came to a halt when Embiid suffered an orbital fracture and concussion in the first round of the playoffs, adding to a torn ligament in his shooting arm. Harden is thus left to fend for himself, and he is largely disappointed.

Harden, who was again brought in to take the big-time shot, attempted only two field goals in the second half of the elimination game against the Miami Heat—he was also out in the second half of the final two games of the series. So it didn’t really make much difference to replace Simmons.

On top of a shocking, offensive performance, Harden let go of guard Max Strauss without draft for 20 points, 11 rebounds, and five assists; At least Simmons stopped Trae Young shooting 5-23 for 21 points and 10 assists in his final game with the team.

Ben Simmons to Brooklyn

Ben Simmons’ trade is yet to be defined as he hasn’t appeared in a game for his new club—however, Seth Curry and Andre Drummond debuted in Brooklyn after the deal was packed, and they were impressed. Happened. The Sixers could use Curry, especially on their team, to provide more consistent three-point shooting, especially after the injury to Danny Green.

No, Simmons’ arrival in the Nets won’t be felt until at least next season. He had the opportunity to appear in their first-round matchup with the Boston Celtics, and despite several team insiders predicting him to enter the fold, he continued to sit out.

Perhaps the most shocking part of the equation was that Simmons had back surgery after the season ended, meaning either he was flirting with his new team about the extent of his injury, or he and his The agent had stopped the severity of his illness during the initial period. trade talks, both of which would be very disturbing revelations.

Once Simmons is eventually back, he’ll slide into the center of Brooklyn’s lineup next to Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. He will be their best perimeter defender, but he also has enough to handle the inner work, and he can deliver with some of the best in the league. Hopefully, he’s using his off-time to practice his shooting touches, but if the past is any indication, he won’t.

Taking a step back, the Harden-Simmons trade disappointed both teams in extreme ways: Philadelphia thought they were getting a takeover player, who instead looked like a 9-5 employee showing up and kicking out. , while Brooklyn thought it was getting a young star eager to get back on the court for a new team but only found good emotionally and physically damaged that he didn’t even get to a test drive.

The ensuing summer presents a protracted period of free time for both Harden and Simmons, but depending on the type of position they return to, it will drastically change how they are viewed for the rest of their careers. could.

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