June 30, 2022

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Jaden Smith admits to his sexuality, and confirms his relationship status

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Rapper Jaden Smith, 23, the famous karate kid, admitted on a recent show that he is gay. She also confessed that Tyler, The Creator is her boyfriend. We saw this very interesting incident happening at Camp Flog Now when he was addressing the group. In reference to his friend Tyler, Jaden states that he is one of her best friends on this planet as well, so even though Tyler wouldn’t want me to say that, he is still her boyfriend for a very long time.

However, to Tyler’s reaction we saw him backstage nudging his head with a face mask. He too was laughing and enjoying the moment. On the contrary, it may all be a witty joke made by Jaden but we know their friendship is pretty much appreciated anyway. They’re longtime friends, with Jaden even later tweeting his feelings for Tyler, mentioning @tylerthecreator. Apparently Jaden has deleted this tweet but the reply to this tweet by Tyler is still on Twitter.

The Grammy Awards show is proof enough of Jaden and Tyler dating each other-

Meanwhile, another interesting incident happened at the Grammy Awards when he went to perform his songs Earthquake and New Magic Wand. Also, Tyler received a Grammy Award for ‘Best Rap Album’ and so Jaden took the opportunity and tweeted that his boyfriend had only gotten one Grammy, referring to Tyler.

Justin also took advantage of the Grammy Award incident to make fun of Jaden in a very sarcastic way. Justin commented that “I thought I was your boyfriend to which Jaden funnyly agreed”.

No matter how much they avoid or deny it, they are definitely more than friends.

However, Jaden Smith has also dated several girls and it seems that he is a bisexual and accepts his open personality and that is what we love about him.

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