July 3, 2022

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Fred Ward, veteran Hollywood star has died at the age of 79

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The star is best known for his role in tremors

We have learned that legendary Hollywood star Fred Ward has sadly passed away. He was 79 years old. Ward is perhaps most famous for starring as Earl Bassett in the 1990 horror film, tremors, NPR reports shared that Ward passed away on Sunday, May 8, but did not specify the cause of death. Let’s take a look at Fred’s career in Hollywood.

Fred Ward celebrated career

Fred Ward
Walter McBride / Corbis

Ward played the lovable Earl Bassett tremors, back in 1990. He and Kevin Bacon as Valentine Mackie were exceptional actors in the film. He reprized the role in the sequel, titled Shock II: Aftershocks, but the bacon did not return. However, this wasn’t his only horror role. Fred Ward also starred as Detective Harry Philip Lovecraft in 1991 Cast a deadly spell. This started a long list of Lovecraftian stories.

After that he acted in films like Miami Blues, Naked Gun 33 1/3, Escape From Alcatraz, The Crow: Salvation, The Right Stuff, And true Detectiveamong others.

Tribute to Fred Ward

Fred Ward

Of course, Ward was one of the first to pay tribute, his tremors Co-star, Kevin Bacon. Bacon tweeted that he was deeply saddened to hear of Ward’s passing. He said he couldn’t have asked for a better partner when it comes to fighting underground insects. The two were friends since they worked together. Julia Cameron of the Chicago Tribune wrote, she played several major characters, but with a subtlety that is distinct from the carboard cutout figures. It can be seen as a meditation on America’s notions of masculinity.

Fred Ward is survived by his wife Marie-France Ward and their son Jongo.

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