July 3, 2022

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Ezra Miller arrested for airstrikes

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Ezra Miller in trouble again

It seems like The Flash actor Ezra Miller is having a tough time in his life. As the actor is often getting into legal trouble. Whereas earlier also the actor was detained. Reports have suggested that he is again in custody for another offense which he has claimed. But what did Ezra Miller do this time?

Read on to learn more about Ezra Miller and what trouble he’s in again.

Ezra Miller arrested for second degree assault

Ezra Miller

The Fantastic Beasts actor was in trouble a week ago when he was arrested after a misdemeanor in Hilo, Hawaii. The charges against him were of torture at that time as well. However, Miller was arrested for that incident and went on to pay $500 in bail money. However, he was later released.

Recently arrested is again reported to be in Hawaii. Whereas this time he is charged with second-degree assault. The latest incident is being reported in the early hours of Tuesday this week. One has also got injured in this incident.

The woman was cut off half an inch by Miller’s attack


While reports suggest that Miller’s arrest took place sometime around Tuesday morning. The incident is being told of the residential area of ​​Paho. At a gathering in the Lower Poona subdivision of Leilani Estates. Miller was irritated when asked to leave.

After which the actor threw a chair which hit a woman on her head. Due to which his forehead was cut off by half an inch. However, the woman did not get any treatment for it. However, the sentence has not been decided on him yet.

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