June 30, 2022

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Billie Eilish to star in a Disney+ short for The Simpsons

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Billie Eilish will team up with The Simpsons

There will hardly be anyone who is not a fan of simpson, whereas Billy Elisho It’s not hard to remember either. but guess what? Oscar-winning singer Billie Eilish is teaming up with The Simpsons, making everyone happy to know when it’s happening. Well, it’s coming really soon.

Here’s everything there is to know about The Simpsons and Billie Eilish collab.

Billie Eilish and Phineas O’Connell to team up with The Simpsons

Billy Elisho
Apple TV+

Singer Billie Eilish and her brother, in collaboration with Disney+ Phineas O’Connell Coming to The Simpsons. A short for the Simpsons family is coming soon where both Phineas and Billy will join Lisa Simpson.

To recall, Lisa Simpson is a saxophone artist in the Simpson family. The Disney+ trio will be abbreviated “When Billy Met Lisa”. Additionally, Billy himself has confirmed the news of Lisa Simpson’s involvement on his social media. But in case you are trying to know about the coming of the exclusive short then here’s what we all know.

Disney+ Short “When Billy Met Lisa” Coming This Month


Well, to all the excited fans of Eilish and The Simpsons. We Know Exclusive Short Buy Disney+ Featuring Eilish with Lisa is coming this month. To be precise with the date, it will premiere on Disney+ on April 22nd.

In addition, we know a little about the plot of the short “When Billy Met Lisa”. It will be Eilish who will find Lisa to invite to his studio. While Lisa will be seen calmly searching for a place to play the saxophone. Eilish and Lisa will bond and show off their extraordinary skills, which both have mastered.

Not to be forgotten, this isn’t the first special short by The Simpsons since both Star Wars and Marvel characters previously made appearances with The Simpsons.

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