July 4, 2022

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Would You Pay $1.5 Million Dollars For An Infamous Haunted House? The Conjuring Movie’s Famous Farm House Sells 27% More Than Asking Price

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The Conjuring and all its subsequent films in director James Wan’s horror universe have been one of the most prominent projects in the horror genre in recent years. Although not all films have been well received by critics, almost all films have made significant box office hits, much to the delight of Warner Bros.

The first film in the universe, The Conjuring, followed the story of the Peron family who move into an old farmhouse that turns out to be haunted and as a result the Peron family seeks help from paranormal investigators Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren. The film is based on a true story of one of the most famous real-life cases of a paranormal investigator couple of the same name. The film was apparently slightly eschewed from the true story for the purpose of cinematic value, but many of the paranormal events depicted in the film actually took place, including a scene where Caroline Perron was seated in a chair.

The real-life farm house on which the film is based was purchased in 2019 by Jane and Corey Heinzen, who are paranormal investigators themselves. He used the house as the headquarters for his business.

After the success of the film, when Heingens tried to sell the house, he naturally received several high-end bids, but Heingens had few demands before an agreement was reached, and none of the buyers agreed to a pre-purchase interview. Happened.

Eventually, Heingens sold the house to Jacqueline Nunez for a price of $1.525 million, which is 27% more than her $1.2 million price. Jacqueline met Heinzen’s condition that no one would live in the house and that it should only be used to run a business and furthermore, Jacqueline decided to part ways with Christine Peron, one of the daughters of the original Peron family. This has been done so that people can be allowed to come home. House.

Jacqueline says that she just wants to facilitate people who believe in the supernatural and make the house a place of love because she does not believe that the house is a negative place haunted by a demon, but rather a place where you can see dead souls. And she wants to change the negative image of the house.

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