July 4, 2022

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Why did Britney Spears skip the Met Gala this year?

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These Are the Stars You’d Ever Expect to See in the Annual Gal. with And those who choose for a quiet evening at home loud fun. Britney Spears , the other day, once again confirmed that he most likely belongs to the second category of celebrity. Apparently, the pop icon was still thinking about debuting the Met Gala red carpet steps this year, but it wasn’t until May 28 that the star decided to take to her social network to reveal that she did this in a big way. But why did you decide to remember the program to be held?

Brittany shared a video of herself posing in her living room in a short red long-sleeve jumpsuit with black heart print and rough black ankle boots. She displayed the outfit in different poses and in between them, caressed her lovely cat. However, the image remained the property of viewers in his home and on social networks. “I was about to go to the Met Gala, but instead, I went to the shower with my dog ​​and put on pajamas! I hate flying!” – acknowledged Brittany.

Despite her fear of flying, Spears recently went on a trip with her fiancé Sam Asghari, and the moment sparked rumors that the singer would soon perform at her Las Vegas residence. However, Western sources were quick to dispel the next batch of rumours. Obviously, the question of priorities arose here. While the arena at Resorts World would love to have the singer on their stage, they just wanted to show her how good a good time can be. Management put up a giant billboard in his honor and provided pool suites to the lovers for $15,000 per night.

Straight from Vegas, the couple traveled to Mexico, and Britney shared cute photos taken on a plane with a giant cake. The dessert was decorated with a whimsical collection of doll accessories, and in the very center, Barbie and Ken drowned in their arms, resembling future spouses.

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