June 30, 2022

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What if Amber Heard fails to pay Johnny Depp $10.35 million in damages?

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As many know, the jury the other day sided with Johnny Depp in his trial against ex-wife Amber Heard. True, the judge reduced the compensation requested for defamation from $15 million to $10.35 million based on Virginia law that limits the number of fines.

In return, Amber Heard won $2 million in damages for her defamation suit. However, a lawyer for actress Ellen Breedhoft said Thursday that Heard’s next step would be to appeal the verdict and confirmed that the actress would not be able to pay damages. In addition, Breedhoft noted last week that Amber, 36, has spent more than $6 million in legal fees.

Legal analyst Emily de Baker explained what could happen if Amber Heard couldn’t pay all of these bills: The solution,” Baker says.

“Ben Chu said in his closing remarks that Johnny Depp did not seek to punish Amber Heard with money. They will try to settle the matter, and you will see a PR statement that they are not to enforce the decision.” are looking.

But if Depp wants to enforce the decision, it would launch a whole different process in court, potentially involving forfeiture of assets and finding ways to pay the claim.

If I were part of Depp’s team, I believe they should have found an injunction that would prevent Amber Heard from repeating statements that the jury found defamatory and then determined that no payment would be made. There will be no decision.

If Depp isn’t interested in the money, he feels it’s more important for him to make sure he doesn’t repeat these allegations. Making a decision is one thing.

But getting the money is completely different,” said the lawyer. Suppose Depp’s side doesn’t get the money paid. In that case, they can confiscate the property and, as experts say, any wages from him. Or try to recover any charges that may come up.And start looking for it through the courts, but that’s a separate process that starts after a decision is made, and can take a very long time to implement .

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