July 3, 2022

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Top Gun: Maverick – The Originals has been surpassed

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36 Years Difference Might Be Worth It

Top Gun: Maverick is a hit! And not only that, it has risen above the core, and can take your breath away. Directed by Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacy, Oblivion), the new film rights the mistakes of Tom Cruise’s character Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. Let us read in detail below.

Top Gun: Maverick Review

Top Gun: Maverick
of great quality

The first film centered around the selfish main character played by Cruise. His character included arrogance, selfishness and many toxic personalities. But it is told by an older man, who is reflecting on how bad he was in his 20s. Maverick’s choices made all those years ago continue to affect him, and he reflects on them every day. And now, almost 40 years later, we see a new man. The person who puts himself first is now more interested in what is best for the group.

In Top Gun: MaverickOf course, Maverick is trying to prove it can take a plane to 10G with a live person in the cockpit, opposes a group that wants unmanned drones to take over the skies. His team is at risk of losing their jobs if this plan is in effect. So Maverick puts to rest his selfish desires not to inflate his ego, but to ensure that the other fighter pilots remain. But he hasn’t changed completely. Maverick is still an adventurer, and tries to push the boundaries.

pay tribute

Top Gun: Maverick
of great quality

Top Gun: Maverick Pays homage to the original, but not in a way that feels rushed or forced. We see a character who was notorious for giving an outright arrogant sob and turns out to be a likeable person. Cruz is also re-living the glory days as his character and does justice to them. Believe the hype, believe the crazy praises for the film, and watch the original if you haven’t already. That’s why Top Gun: Maverick Really a film worth watching.

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