July 4, 2022

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The Shaman King has released a teaser for the upcoming anime

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a new anime is coming soon

Whereas anime series always holds a special place in everyone’s hearts. There is another one you would love to have. Well, if you are already excited about it then here is an announcement telling that a new anime is about to come for all its lovers. Well, the upcoming anime is in relation to the popular Shaman King. Yep, an anime coming straight out of The Shaman King. So, what can you expect from the new arrival?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Shaman King anime, among other details.

The Shaman King anime trailer dropped

Shaman King

Whereas we had the Shaman King reboot series last year. Now we know that an anime sequel has been waiting for everyone. Thus the announcement about the upcoming anime has come with a trailer which is making the anime lovers curious to know when it is coming.

The dropped teaser however shows Hana Asakura at a young age in it. Hana Yoh is the son of Asakura and Anna Kyoma. The trailer certainly gave the character a clue as to which manga he might be following. With superpower in it. The trailer looked fascinating. However, no release, cast and story details have been revealed about it yet.

New anime likely to follow Shaman King: Flowers


With a very short trailer for the upcoming anime. Speculation says it is a follow-up to The Shaman King: Flowers. It was a sequel manga to Hiroyuki Takei. According to reports, the production for the anime is already in the process. Also, fans of the anime globally will have to wait for an announcement to know when the anime will arrive on Netflix.

Meanwhile, the Shaman manga has been an old story that has been picked up in various series. Both in the form of reboots and sequels as well. Voice overs and other details regarding the upcoming anime are expected to be out soon. Apart from this, you can watch its dropped teaser below.

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