June 30, 2022

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The royal family reveals a new official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

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Holidays dedicated to the platinum anniversary of Elizabeth II begin on June 2 in the UK. Throughout the week, the Queen will have a very busy schedule – regardless of her condition; She sincerely hopes that she will have time to attend as many events as possible. Also, Her Majesty really wants to spend time with her great-grandsons Archie and Lillibet.

She hasn’t seen Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son in over two years. And the child, who was named after him, is still not known personally. However, already this weekend, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will have a festive party in honor of Crumbs Lillibet’s first birthday. By the way, the Queen was invited to the celebration, but not Kate Middleton and Prince William – they will go to Cardiff that day. And the other day, representatives of the British royal family shared a new official portrait of Elizabeth II, created in honor of the holiday. He was imprisoned at Windsor Castle – in the background; You can see the round tower of the palace.

The queen also addressed her subjects. “I am grateful to all who participated in calling on communities, families, neighbors and friends to celebrate my platinum anniversary. I know these celebrations will leave many happy memories. I am inspired by all the goodwill. In the days to come ‘I will actively think about what we have achieved over the past 70 years,’ Elizabeth II said. Thank you to everyone who participated in bringing communities, families, neighbors and friends together for Platinum Jubilee. I know that these holidays will leave many happy memories, ”said the Queen. It is worth noting that this portrait is the third official photograph of the emperor, taken in honor of the historical date of his reign. By the way, on February 6 – On the day of the death of George VI and the official ascension of Elizabeth II to the throne, another photo was published.

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