June 30, 2022

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‘The Midnight Club’ teaser introduces the cast of Mike Flanagan’s next Ghost series for Netflix

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It’s 12:00 PM, ready for stories?

Netflix has unveiled the trailer The Midnight Clublatest horror series from mike flanagan and Trevor Massey. Both had previously developed critically acclaimed midnight Mass, who was engrossed in religion and demons. While the creation of Flanagan deserves full credit midnight Mass, The Midnight Club It is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Christopher Pike.

about The Midnight Club

The Midnight Club

The story takes place at Rotterdam Home, a hospice where seriously ill children live. The place is run by a mysterious doctor, and many unknown events take place. Here, a group of eight teenagers who are fond of telling horror stories in the middle of the night gather. Their creepy club is known as Midnight Club. It was a way to generate some enthusiasm for him before his terminal illness took hold, but it ends up turning into something worse.

In the trailer, we see the cast, which includes Igby Rigne, Adia, Iman Benson, Ada Furukawa, Ruth Codd, William Chris Sumpter, Annara Simone and Saurian Sapkota. In the short clip, we see him reciting lines from a terrifying poem referenced in the book. In the book, the teens make an agreement that the first of them to die will return and tell the others what the afterlife looks like. But this is where they mess up, as the Rotterdam home becomes a hotbed for evil and a secret star chases the members of the Midnight Club.

release date

The Midnight Club

Flanagan’s previous works on Netflix include The Haunting of Hill House, Based on the Shirley Jackson novel, and The Haunting of Bailey ManoroAdaptations of several books, but mainly Henry James’ screw rotation, Next will be Edgar Allan Poe Usher’s building collapseWhich already started filming in January.

The Midnight Club Will be available for streaming on October 7.

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