June 30, 2022

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The Flash is coming and it doesn’t look like it will disappoint

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When the DCEU’s Justice League slate was first announced in 2014, one of the movies everyone was most excited to see was flamboyant Which was announced to come in 2018. However, since then the film has been cursed with a ton of delays as several directors and writers arrive and leave production over the years.

But now, after literally years of waiting, The Flash is set to hit the theaters in June 2023 and according to recent reports, the opening sequences of the film are being “extraordinarily well received”.

The Flash, despite its years of delay, has been kept under very tight wraps by Warner Brothers , The main reason is that the film’s story highlights the DCEU multiverse which is expected to be the basis of future DCEU material. However, now that production is complete and a release date set, it seems that Warner Brothers feel comfortable running early screenings to judge audience reactions.

will watch the movie Ezra Miller reprising his role flamboyant After playing the speedster in Justice League and in several cameos at DC properties such as the Flash TV series starring Grant Gustin and Suicide Squad.

The film’s storyline will follow Barry Allen as he tries to go back in time and prevent the death of his mother, Nora Allen, but gets trapped in the DC Multiverse instead.

In modern cinema, when you hear the word multiverse, you automatically think of cameos and this film promises to deliver on it, with a definite appearance of Michael Keaton Batman from 1989. This won’t be the only Dark Knight in the movie. As confirmed by Ben Affleck’s Batman also appearing in the film.

But of all the characters in the film, the most surprising inclusion is The Flash himself, as Ezra Miller recently ran into some legal trouble and fans half expected the DCEU to disassociate itself from the actor. Warner Bros., however, took no such step and said nothing about recreating the role. At this point in time, The Flash is on its way and all the signs so far point towards it to be a box office hit.

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