July 3, 2022

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Spy X Family is a MUST WATCH! The show is raising expectations before the release of the episode

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Spy X Family brings in promotions every week

spy x family Remains one of the biggest anime of the season. The first episode managed to top attack on Titan With a high rating on IMDb. The manga was created by Tatsuya Ando, ​​and debuted in 2019. At present it has a total of 9 sections. The story of an ace detective named Lloyd, a deadly killer named Yore, and a four-year-old child with the ability to read minds named Anya, quickly struck a chord with readers and anime watchers alike. Five episodes have aired so far, but ahead of the sixth episode, we have some exciting new characters awaiting their debut.

new detective x family characters

spy x family

The new characters coming soon will be named Yuri and Fiona. Yuri Briar is the younger brother of Yore, and a civil servant. However, just like her sister, she has a secret job. Yuri actually works as a counter-intelligence agent for the State Security Service. He cares deeply for his sister, but is completely oblivious to the fact that she is a deadly killer who can bring down governments. His job in the SSS makes him an enemy of Loid, aka Twilight, and Yuri has an additional personal vendetta against him.

Next up is Fiona. He’s a spy for WISE, the same agency Twilight works for, and is codenamed Nightfall. Twilight herself was her mentor, and despite being rigorously trained to overcome feelings, Fiona retains romantic feelings for her mentor. She is naturally jealous of the yore, and wants to prove to Lloyd that she is a better wife to him and tries to go on missions with him. However, this spells trouble for the Forger family.

release date

spy x family

We are yet to see if he makes an appearance in the sixth episode. Episode 6 of Spy X Family will release on Crunchyroll on May 14, 2022.

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