July 4, 2022

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Sophie Turner drops mom’s most important advice: Always carry snacks

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Sophie Turner The former Game of Thrones star is experiencing all the joys of motherhood for the first time after welcoming her first born child into the world with husband Joe Jonas , The couple welcomed their first born daughter into the world in July of 2020 and named her Will Jonas. Sophie has been sharing the joys of being a mom with the world ever since, but in a recent interview segment where she was asked to go through the contents of her bag, Sophie revealed a special side of motherhood which he is just beginning to understand.

As the Dark Phoenix star began removing items from her bag, she also included snacks for her daughter. As Sophie pulls out a bag of Bear Real Fruit Yoyos, she mentions that these are for her daughter and that somehow she can’t leave her house without one of these in her bag. The actor mentioned that this is an absolute necessity because if at any point he doesn’t have breakfast, his sweet little girl will make life “a living hell” for him if he gets hungry. The actor said, “I will be yelled at by my child.”

Sophie also revealed that her daughters’ snacking habits are something she inherited from her mother as Turner herself likes to snack all the time. The actor took out some Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreos and Bisto Gravy Powder from his purse which were clearly not there. baby ,

The actress revealed that she loves to have breakfast and happily commented on how many food items she can fit in her purse and fans loved all these adorable moments from the segment.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas tied the knot sometime around 2019 and welcomed their first child in 2020. The two recently revealed that they are now expecting another child. With a human life growing inside her, the actress really can’t be blamed for having so much breakfast because as the old saying goes, she is eating for 2 right now.

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