July 3, 2022

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Sony announces Venom 3

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After the success of Let There Be Carnage, Sony is wasting no time

Sony has officially announced that Tom Hardy-starrer poison Will be back for the third film! Sony is focusing more on their Spider-Man universe, even though it seems like they don’t know what they’re doing half the time. but poison has definitely been a hit, and its sequel, let the massacre happen maintained his position. This comes at a time when theaters were reopening after being closed due to COVID-19.

Anyway, the events of Venom: Let There Be Massacre And Spider-Man: No Way Home Made it clear that the third film will be made. Let’s read in detail.

united universe


post credits scene let the massacre happen, we see that Eddie and Venom have moved into the MCU. They learn about Spider-Man, and his secret identity before Peter Parker is taken back to his own universe. We know it’s only a matter of time before they meet the Spider-Man of their own universe. Most of the characters we see are actual villains from the Spider-Man comics. However, as in more recent comic issues, Venom is depicted as an anti-hero. With characters like Morbius, Vulture, and Kraven set to cross paths in the future, it’s exciting to see how he progresses.

production details


While the project was announced, Sony did not reveal if there is a new cast or crew. We are yet to see whether Andy Serkis will direct the third film. Venom 2 Got lots of positive reviews, so Sony might approach them again. Fans are trying to collect information from no way home and conclude that Eddie and Venom will face Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Tom Holland and the rest of the MCU have to deal with the piece of poison that was left behind.

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