July 3, 2022

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Ricky Gervais defends his Netflix show against LGBT rights group comments

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Ricky Gervais It was recently the subject of controversy as his new show Supernature, which was streamed on Netflix came under fire from LGBT rights group. Ricky Gervais is no stranger to controversies, as he has been known to take to the stage and joke about matters that most people would consider ‘delicate’. Her performances as the host of award shows, such as the Golden Globes in particular, have attracted much attention. When Ricky Gervais holds the mic, everyone is standing on their toes.

Similarly, Gervais’s performance in Supernature also found him humorous in topics such as gender identity and the gay community, etc. Such material prompted GLAAD, a major US LGBT rights group, to consider their shows ‘dangerous’ to the LGBT community.

GLAAD’s official Twitter account said, “It’s as graphic as a joke, full of dangerous, post-trans rants.” GLAAD also expressed its anger over the fact that despite having a policy that prohibits streaming content that incites hate and violence, Netflix is ​​not shutting down Gervais’ shows. Netflix is ​​no stranger to this kind of backlash from viewers, as recently, they also received negative feedback about Dave Chappelle’s routine, as his show was transphobic.

However, Ricky Gervais defended his show by claiming that the content of his show is not a deep reflection of the views and values ​​he holds in his own life. Gervais said that joking about taboo topics is his specialty and that he likes to take his audience to areas they haven’t gone into comic territory.

The co-creator of The Office said, “Most crimes happen when people mistake the subject of a joke as the real target.”

Following that remark, Ricky made it absolutely clear that he was not an antagonist and that he supported people’s right to self-determination, whether it was their gender, their sexuality, or their preferred pronouns. Do not stand against anyone.

“It’s crazy to think that joking about something means you’re the antithesis,” was Gervais’ final comment.

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