July 4, 2022

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Rapper Cardi B is proud of her little boy as he turns 9 months old

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Rapper Cardi B is now a mother of two and social media viewers are loving it. Cardi recently posted about her second child on Instagram when he turned 9 months old and fans had a lot of reactions to it.

Cardi B has had one of the most successful careers in hip hop in recent years, love it or hate it, it’s a fact. “WAP,” the artist has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry and won some of the most significant awards. Cardi is married to Offset, an equally successful rapper and member of the group Migos, who many claim is responsible for the modern hip hop sound.

But outside the realm of music and hip hop, Cardi’s personal life has also taken off. 3 years ago, the rapper and rapper couple welcomed their first child into the world, whom they named Culture. The world was overjoyed with Kulture’s arrival and fans congratulated him. Although it wasn’t long before it was revealed that Cardi was pregnant with the couple’s second child, and in September 2021, Cardi gave birth in what the couple called a “crazy a** delivery”. Several months later, Offset revealed the name of her second child on social media; Shake.

Cardi B recently posted a picture of her second child on social media, writing, “Happy 9 months wave!! My baby is growing on me so fast.”

Fans were excited, with many commenting on the fact that Wave looked exactly like her sister Kulture, with some joking that Cardi and Offset simply pressed copy and paste.

Cardi as a parent is something that everyone wants to hear more about. Some critics pointed out that Cardi kept her unusually long nails after having a baby and wondered how she got to do all the baby chores with them. But Cardi, being Cardi, posted a video of herself with fingernails, putting diapers on a stuffed toy, to prove to the haters that she can be fabulous and still be a great mom.

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