July 3, 2022

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On the eve of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum anniversary, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson arrive in London

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Not Many Hollywood Stars Ignore Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, But Absolutely No One Expects To See Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson On this. But on May 30, the reality show star still managed to surprise journalists and Internet users. According to the Daily Mail reporter, she had reached London with her boyfriend.

The couple managed to check-in on a date in the capital of Great Britain. Interestingly, Kim and Pete were dressed quite casually – it looked like they were trying not to draw too much attention. It is not yet known what role Kardashian will play in the celebration of the platinum anniversary and whether there will be such a role. The fact of his arrival was a great surprise to the journalists.

Meanwhile, many people are warning Meghan Markle because now, all the attention of the press and paparazzi will be focused on Kim. “Great move, Kim, no one will look at Meghan anymore” Some fans of Kim Kardashian have suggested that Queen Elizabeth II herself wanted to meet the reality TV star. Considering her stunning Met Gala appearance and other achievements, she doesn’t think it would be surprising. However, other fans are sure that the reality TV star and her boyfriend have just gone on vacation.

Pete also revealed that he is making a TV show called BPcase, which is supposed to tell a ‘rough, shaky, fictional’ version of his real life. SNL stars Kate McKinnon, Eddie Bryant and Kyle Mooney are also expected to leave the series. He will also star in a comedy with British actress Naomi Scott on A24’s Wizards! The film is followed by Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B. According to Collider, the film “is about two hapless pot-headed beach bar operators who get into trouble when they stumble upon a stolen booty that they really should have left alone.

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