June 30, 2022

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Nick Jonas shares his effects of parenthood: Everything just got more stressful

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Nick Jonas He can barely contain his feelings about his new role as a father after his daughter Malty comes into his life. singer and his wife Priyanka Chopra Being a parent was not easy as after being born to a surrogate mother, their baby spent more than 100 days in the intensive care unit. During an interview with Variety on Wednesday, the hitmaker briefly spoke about the recent mass shooting at Uvalde’s Rob Elementary School and admitted that now that he is a father, “things are getting more tense.”

“The seriousness and awareness of everything being there has become much stronger. I think now it’s about trying to be as attentive as possible to your family, but also to the fate of other people. I’m Malty Mary And so grateful to the world for the wonderful possibility of being a parent. As a father, as an uncle, I can’t help but think of the children and all the people who have been lost. I hope there will be a change, and we will see the end of it,” he told the publication.

Following the revelation of the gruesome massacre, Jonas reached out to followers and shared a link to a group called Moms Demand Action, which is working toward ending gun violence. “Kids don’t have to worry about gun violence. Especially they don’t have to worry about gun violence at school. Just heartbreaking,” he tweeted last week.
A new chapter has come in the young family, and together they are ready for new achievements. And although the spouses try to keep all personal details secret, sometimes the couple can barely hide their feelings. While celebrating Mother’s Day earlier this month, the couple told their followers that the little malty had returned home from intensive care.
He wrote on social media, “Every family’s journey is unique and requires a certain level of trust. Though our journey was challenging, looking back it becomes clear how precious and right every moment is.” Is.”

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