June 30, 2022

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Never Have I Ever season 3 released first look image with August release date

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The series has already been renewed for a fourth season

Netflix has released the first look images of its popular high-school drama, never have I ever, The coming-of-age comedy drama of an Indian-American teenager in high school is bringing in new fans. Created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fischer, the series first came out in 2020. The story follows Devi, an Indian-American high school student who grapples with friendship, love, identity and the sudden loss of her father. Due to the immense success of the show, Netflix already revealed its plans for the fourth and final season in March.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Stills and Story

never have I ever

The pictures were shared from the show’s Twitter account. We get to see Devi, Fabiola, Paxton and Eleanor from the upcoming installment of Never Have I Ever. How Season 2 ended is certainly a cause for excitement. In Season 2, Goddess is caught in a love triangle between Paxton and Ben, right in the final episode. But Ben gave up and went on to date Anissa. This gives Devi and Paxton a chance to be official and no longer have to hide their romance from their classmates or the rest of the school.

But here is the twist. Eleanor tells Ben that Devi originally liked him over Paxton and had genuine feelings for him. Ben was so convinced he was the second choice that it brings out the classic ‘that’ moment that fans love so much. This will definitely be hard to digest for Anissa, who just wants a good high school life. Meanwhile, the other characters are also looking for their romantic partners, and Devi and her mother are also looking tougher than before.

release date

never have I ever

season 3 never have I ever Set to stream on Netflix on August 12th. Get ready for a trailer soon.

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