June 30, 2022

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Naruto collaborates with Air Jordan for exciting character-themed shoes

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The latest collaboration with Hidden Leaf Village

Naruto Undoubtedly one of the greatest shows of all time. Despite the original series ending in 2017, love still exists. With popularity comes association. Naruto has been part of many clothing and costumes, and has even appeared in popular online games, fortinite, With that comes the next venture. Naruto is now collaborating with Nike for a new line of Air Jordans!

naruto x nike collab


Celebrity advertising opened a new chapter in the ’80s when Michael Jordan partnered with Nike. Now, in modern times, this has extended to animated characters as well. Anime holds just as much value as actual celebrities, and brands are very aware of it, especially sneaker brands. Before Naruto, popular characters from the show such as dragon ball z transformersAnd rick and morty Got the shoes decorating themselves.

Rumors of the collab surfaced only hours before the official announcement. The official Jordan Twitter account tweeted to stay tuned for upcoming announcements. New Orleans Pelicans player Zion Williamson has also been tagged in the tweet. We’ve yet to see what that all means, and how the shoes will look. Some other sources claim it to be similar in appearance to Jordan Zion 1.

other collaborations

studio pierot

Nike isn’t the only one who wants a piece of the Seventh Hokage. In fact, the Japanese company Mizuno has already overtaken them by making Naruto sneakers. We can expect to see the shoes of main characters like Sakura, Sasuke and even villains like Pain in the aftermath. maybe the new generation likes Boruto He can even get his own shoe.

Either way, this is very exciting news, and since Naruto will continue to be present in the anime industry, we may see more collaborations in the future. So, are you excited for the new kicks?

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