July 3, 2022

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Megan Fox admitted that she had complications due to the small size of her head

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Megan Fox admitted that he had complications due to the small size of his head. Actress Megan Fox says she doesn’t tie her hair in a bun because of the size of her head. This . is reported by the US version of Cosmopolitan ,
“I never grow my hair because my head is the size of an edamame. But it happened and I’m fine,” the actress wrote on the social network.

Along with the text, she published several photos with her hair in a bun.
Under the photo, Megan Fox’s stylist, Maeve Reilly, said her client is beautiful. “My edamame bean girl,” she wrote.
Over the years, Megan Fox has been opting for loose hair instead of really complicated updos. Previously, the actress did not admit that she had complications because of the shape of her head.
Earlier it was reported that bangs have gone out of fashion.

Straight, thick bangs with a tight cut, long oblique bangs, as well as very rare bangs from several strands are no longer relevant. Creative partner of L’Oréal Professional Paris told about this.
“In the early 2000s, straight, thick bangs with a tight cut are no longer worn – they have been replaced by light and airy milled options. Another old option is very rare bangs of several strands, which visually Makes hair less thick,” he said.

The stylist said that due to the trend of straight parting, the long oblique bangs that the stars so loved in the 2010s are no longer relevant. According to the director, the bangs significantly transform the face and are able to both emphasize the merits and highlight the flaws.
“Therefore, you don’t need to cut your bangs if they don’t suit your face. Even if you really like her, or your favorite actress has the same one,” warns the stylist.

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