July 3, 2022

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May Musk approves of Elon Musk’s new girlfriend

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Natasha Bassett recently made headlines, and it’s not just her breakthrough in Baz Luhrmann’s new biopic about the life of a rock and roll star. After a high-profile breakup with singer Grimes, the billionaire Elon Musk Happiness was found in the alliance with the 28-year-old actress. And it seems that the girl managed to please not only the critics of the film “Elvis”, but also the future mother-in-law of My Mask.

Already, the couple is set to break the stereotype that the sons’ mothers aren’t ready with the appearance of another girlfriend on the horizon. The star not only found a common language with the age-old model, but also personally invited them to a drama screening at Cannes. And though they kept their distance from each other on the red carpet, the 74-year-old audience was happy with the film about her daughter-in-law playing her favorite musician.

“They both attended the premiere and had a great time. Mei liked the film and was impressed by Natasha’s talent. In the end, she was touched that Natasha asked her to attend a special event because she knew that How important it is to Natasha, and she could have invited anyone,” the insider shared.

As it turned out, the necessary women in the life of the founder of Tesla X met in the first months of their relationship. At the first meeting, they found a common language, and this would undoubtedly become a deciding factor for Elon!
The union of Elon Musk and singer Grimes does not cease to amaze fans who are watching the rapid changes in the life of the couple. This week, an interview with the singer for Vanity Fair revealed to the press that her second daughter was born in late 2021 by a surrogate mother. And although many rejoiced at the news that last chance they would still be together, it looks like the artist has somewhat different plans of his own.

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