June 30, 2022

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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ canceled by The CW after 7 seasons for this reason

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“It’s been an incredible run”

The CW shows are going through a change. Or rather, they are finally being discontinued. Legends of Tomorrow And Batwoman Became the latest show to be cancelled. The news was confirmed by executive producer and co-showrunner Keito Shimizu via Twitter on Friday.

the end of yesterday’s legends

Legends of Tomorrow

Shimizu wrote, “Okay guys. It’s been an incredible run.” She further said that The CW has told her that Legends of Tomorrow Will not return for the eighth season. She admitted that she, along with the other cast and crew, is saddened by the news, but is extremely grateful nonetheless. Shimizu then expressed his gratitude to fans for loving and supporting his strange band of misfits, adding that they will always have a place on the Waverider.

The despair and sadness were evident on the other writers as well. In a statement, he said that it has been a journey of a lifetime for him. A show that almost didn’t happen became something it wanted to be. The story took him to Camelot, Salvation, Hollywood and even the mind of a computer. But at its core, the show was about showing that your friends are your family.

Other Cancellations

Legends of Tomorrow

The news about Legends of Tomorrow wasn’t really that surprising as The CW recently canceled Batwoman Earlier on Friday. This can be seen when the network removed these shows from the renewal list. The LGBTQ+ community would also share in the disappointment as there were some lesbian female characters.

But when the character of Donald Feyson was finally revealed as Booster Gold, the show ended on an unfinished note.

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