June 30, 2022

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Jodie Whitaker to be joined by former cast for farewell part

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Doctor Who Jodie Whitaker Said Goodbye

doctor who The series on BBC has been one of the most popular and longest running series ever on the network. However, it is time for the 13th Doctor Who to appear and bid him farewell Jodie Whitaker This time. but guess what? This time there is something special in the farewell of Jodi.

Here’s everything there is to know about his departure with Jodie Whitaker and Doctor Who.

Two former actors to join Jodie Whitaker

doctor who

While Jodi joined the BBC Doctor Who series in 2018. His appearance was for three seasons. Became the first female doctor of the series. Now she is about to depart the series, leaving room for the new Doctor to step into the series.

However, Jodie Whitaker’s exit from the series this year won’t be easy as two previous cast members join her. If you’re guessing who could that be? They are Tegan Jovanka and Ace. Yes, Janet Fielding and Sophie Aldredge will join the pair.

Eldredge and Fielding’s reaction to the pair’s return


Surely, Doctor Who fans will be thrilled with the announcement of the joining of the two previous cast members. However, there are Fielding and Eldredge, both sharing their excitement at the news of their return. As Fielding described it was a lovely experience to be part of the Doctor Who family again.

Eldredge, on the other hand, said that he could hardly hide it from his family. As thrilling as she feels she was asked to come back again. He said that he hoped everyone would like it.

Don’t miss, the upcoming episode of Doctor Who is due out sometime in the autumn of this year. Also, with Jodi you will get to see Sacha Dhawan coming back to play the role of The Master alongside the Daleks and Cybermen.

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