July 3, 2022

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Jimmy Kimmel talks about his future in the Late Night comedy domain

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Jimmy Kimmel began his career in late night comedy shows in 2003, when his show first aired and has since become a household name in the industry and one of the standards of late night comedy. Any future late night shows will probably feature Kimmel’s name as they begin to make a mark in the industry, but what does the future hold for Jimmy? When questioned about the situation himself, Jimmy Kimmel had little to say with certainty.

Kimmel says he doesn’t know what the future holds for him at this point in time. The 54-year-old comedian said that his heart keeps changing from moment to moment. He mentions that there are times when he feels he can be a part of late nights now, but then he joins in with times where he wonders what else he would have done if it wasn’t. Kimmel also mentioned that not only is her heart important in deciding her next move, she has to think about everyone around her who will be affected by her decision, including her family, her friends and her co-workers. Kimmel made it clear that he wouldn’t be doing the show forever, but for the time being he hadn’t set his mind on either direction. He mentioned that the subject is on his mind a lot.

Kimmel’s recent monologue regarding the shooting in Uvalde, Texas went viral across social media, where he decided to speak directly to politicians without a studio audience and pour his heart out about the tragic loss and the sheer lack of action. Situation worse.

Kimmel mentioned in an interview that this is a particularly difficult aspect of his work because he isn’t sure whether his words are being heard or just falling on deaf ears, which makes him a pessimist, but he does. Can’t talk about what is going on and continue with regular programming.

Jimmy Kimmel’s current contract with ABC expires next year and so the future remains uncertain.

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