July 4, 2022

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Jerry West seeks legal withdrawal from HBO series “Time to Win”

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NBA star Jerry West unhappy with HBO show ‘Winning Time’

show on HBO title “win time“The second season has come along. While the current season is about the NBA’s Lakers dynasty. We still have one of the game’s true icons, Jerry West, unhappy with the series “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty.” But why is he sad?

Read on to learn more about Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty and Jerry West.

Jerry West not happy with his portrayal of character in HBO drama

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Jerry West who was on the Los Angeles Lakers team got a character in the HBO drama. While his character was played in Season 2 of Winning Time. Also, it recently emerged that Jerry is not happy with how his character is portrayed in HBO’s drama.

Calling it “inaccurate characterization” and “unfounded portrayal,” Jerry is now seeking a return from HBO in weeks. In addition, Jerry’s lawyer has already issued a statement to executive producer Adam McKay. His portrayal of the character in the HBO drama has caused “a lot of distress” to Jerry and his family, as the statement said.

Jerry cites the play as a pulpy soap opera

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Whereas in the HBO drama LA Lakers, the character of Jerry is portrayed by Jason Clarke. Jerry’s character in the play actually portrays him as a fiery character who looks disheartened after losing the finals several times. Given all this, Jerry said in a letter issued to Adam that the HBO drama is actually a “pulpy soap opera”.

Saying that the characters of the play have been portrayed in a false light. The drama has changed the real story just to earn money and get ratings. So now Jerry wants a legal withdrawal from HBO within a two-week time frame.

Meanwhile, HBO has not commented on demands for the return of Jerry West.

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