July 3, 2022

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Jennifer Lopez wore a very short top she couldn’t lift

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By nature, Jennifer Lopez is prone to perfection, so the star is forced to regularly exercise for a chiseled figure. However, training in the gym can quickly get boring, so the pop diva prefers to go to dances, which help her look great and charge her in a good mood.
This can be gauged from the pictures of the paparazzi near the star’s favorite dance studio. On them, 52-year-old Jennifer exits the car and walks confidently in tight-fitting pink leggings and a matching cropped sweatshirt, showing off the singer’s flat stomach. True, it was very small. You can’t raise your hands in it so as not to show too much.
Lopez decided to complement the image with a white Gucci bag and a broad smile that did not leave Ben Affleck’s chosen face. Perhaps the good mood was because, after a long search, the lovers still found the perfect home for $ 60 million and have already started transporting things.
“A dream body,” “Jennifer is so happy,” “That smile that lights up the world,” “What leggings, what figure…”, “How nice to see her. Love adorns any woman Internet users commented on the photo In a previous post, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who reunited last year after a break of 17 years, looked for a home to live together for a very long time – lovers reviewed several mansions but could not find one that could meet all of their requirements. However, after a lengthy search, it is rumored that the couple finally bought their dream home in Los Angeles, which cost them $60 million According to TMZ, the singer’s car was recently parked near a luxurious mansion in the Los Angeles area. Four moving trucks were also parked outside the house. Also, similar cars were recently found at Ben and Jen’s homes. , which may indicate that they were preparing to move on.

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