July 4, 2022

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Jeff Bridges is the real life Superman; Survive COVID and Cancer at the same time

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COVID-19 has changed the lives of people across the world to a great extent. It was an uphill battle and it is still fought in many parts of the world. Many precious lives were lost due to this pandemic and finally many people got a new outlook towards life.

The Big Lebowski actor Jeff Bridges recently shed light on how he almost became one of the precious lives we lost along the way and how his fight for his health brought a whole new outlook on life to him .

Bridge’s condition was worse than it could have been last year, as she not only fought COVID-19, but was fighting it too cancer at the same time. The actor had a huge tumor of about 12 by 9 inches in size. Bridges remarked that it was like having a small child inside his body.

When the pandemic first hit, there was widespread panic and anxiety about possibly facing death itself, but Bridges was too good to suffer from it. Bridges reveals that his wife, Susan, was not sure he would make it out of the terrible ordeal and Bridges herself was worried about the same. He talked about how the doctors were urging him to fight both the terrible conditions; Doctors worried that Bridges was giving up and truth be told, he was. “I was in surrender mode,” said the 72-year-old, “I was ready to go. I was dancing with my mortality.”

However, defying all expectations, Bridge turns out to be a new man from the other side. Bridges is COVID-19 free as of now and said that her cancer is in remission.

Bridges says that the fight brought a completely new outlook on life for her. He says, “Love is the deal.” Bridges reveals that after staring her mortality in the face, her appreciation for love in life has grown in terms of both giving and receiving. The actor took the most positive lessons he could from that experience and fans, friends and family alike are happy to see him on his feet and back.

Bridges has a new show coming out on June 18 called “The Old Man.” Fans are excited and look forward to seeing Bridges on screen for years to come.

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