July 3, 2022

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Jay Parks Posts Pics With Jungkook With Compliments For BTS Star

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Jay Park’s recent posts hint at something special

american rapper Jay Park has posted something on her social media and it is hard to miss. Well, the post was done by the rapper on April 19 and it shows him with another iconic star. it was none other than jungkook of bts, Whereas those who have already checked the post. They must have felt something special. But if you haven’t seen the post.

Here’s everything there is to know about Jay Park’s post.

Jay Park shared photos with Jungkook on social media

Jay Park
Twitter/Jay Park

As both Jungkook and Jay have their own fan base. The two were seen together in a picture posted later on social media. Park’s selfie with Jungkook showed both of them in a happy mood. In the photo posted by Park Jungkook and Park, both were wearing a hat. Another picture shows the two standing in a room in swag that looks like a music studio room.

While Jai was seen in a black T-shirt. Jungkook was wearing a white T-shirt. Jungkook’s hand rested on Jay’s shoulder as ARMY written on Jungkook’s hand was clearly visible with a heart tattoo below it. This post of Park has definitely given happiness to the fans of both the stars.

Park praises Jungkook after meeting him

Instagram / Jungkook

Well, of course it wasn’t just a selfie posted by Park. Rather, he also praised and praised the BTS icon in his post. Park went on to say that after meeting the BTS icon he realized why the band gets so much love.

He appreciated the BTS icon’s humility as he found him talented and ambitious as well. but guess what? This mere selfie of the two has made many of their fans think of a collab. However, the two have not said anything about a collab between them. Yet fans are speculating that the two met for a reason and this could be their new collab.

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