June 30, 2022

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How was the concert to mark the Platinum Anniversary of the Queen?

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The third day of celebrations to mark the platinum anniversary of Elizabeth II ended with a grand concert in the square near Buckingham Palace in London.

Diana Ross, Queen, Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, Duran Duran, Alicia Keys, German composer Hans Zimmer and other musicians performed there in honor of the 70th anniversary of Queen’s reign. Unfortunately, the Queen herself could not attend the event, but did watch the broadcast live from Windsor Castle.

The concert begins with a short humorous sketch, pre-recorded, in which Elizabeth II drinks tea with a teddy bear named Paddington, a character in Michael Bond’s books.

Then, admitting to the guest that she, like him, always has a sandwich with orange jam, Queen taps the song’s rhythm together with the teddy bear. We’ll rock you by the Queen group, which opened the concert with the royal guard’s drummers on the side of the cup.

The performances of the musicians were replaced with archival videos of Elizabeth II and congratulations from politicians and celebrities. They included actor Daniel Craig, bassist and Beatles co-founder Paul McCartney, former US First Lady Michelle Obama, and many others.

Finally, Elizabeth II’s grandson, Prince William, and heir to the throne, Prince Charles, took turns taking the stage, who congratulated the Queen on their anniversary. Among the attendees were Kate Middleton, Princess Eugenie and Beatrice, along with George and Charlotte.

Recalling the Queen’s 1989 Christmas message, in which she called on all nations to work together to protect the earth for “our children and our children’s children”, William said: “It is my strong hope My grandmother’s words will come true in 70. As many years as it is tonight, as a nation, we are united in a common purpose because then there is always room for hope.

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