July 4, 2022

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First Lady Jill Biden on the magazine cover

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The wife of current US President Joe Biden poses for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Related photos appeared in the official accounts of the publication on the social network.

70 years old jill biden Harper appeared on the cover of Bazaar in a dark blue suit, consisting of a jacket and a knee-length skirt, and matching pumps. During the shooting, the First Lady of the United States also changed two dresses: snow-white with a geometric neckline and ruffles, as well as rich purple with beads on the sleeves.
Filming took place in Old Town Philadelphia, where Joe Biden’s wife was born. In the photos, the wife of the current US President posed at iconic venues, including the First Bank of the United States and the Jims South St restaurant, where she came dressed in a T-shirt and jeans.

“I’m a woman who loves to work. I knew I would never again find myself in a situation where I lacked the means to be myself,” she said in an interview. I do some things for women. My own. I covered it in my daughter: be independent, be independent. And in my granddaughters – you must stand confidently on both your feet.

It’s regular: Its alarms are set for sunrise. “The first thing I do is open the curtain and look outside.” She attends meetings, attends Berry classes, has dinner with her husband, takes exams before bed, and travels twice a week to the White House in Alexandria, Virginia. Teach three classes.
What she learned from her brief first marriage and her divorce: “I knew I would never again put myself in a position where I never felt like I had the financial resources I needed. Money through a divorce settlement, ” she says. “I played her (daughter), Ashley: be free, be free. And my granddaughters – you have to be able to stand on your own feet.

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