June 30, 2022

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First Halloween Ends Trailer Revealed at CinemaCon

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The film will also have a finale in the Halloween trilogy.

There are many horror franchises in the film industry, but Halloween Definitely one that remains solid. The first film came in 1978, in which Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) faced supernatural killer Michael Myers. Myers was featured in a few spin-offs after that, but he never actually took off. But then in 2018, the franchise was rediscovered, but this time as a direct sequel to the original. The film featured Michael and Laurie face-to-face after 40 years.

we have to see halloween kills Last year. And while it didn’t garner favor from critics, fans enjoyed it, and are now looking forward to the finale – halloween ends,

halloween trailer ends reaction

halloween kills

Universal Studios held its panel at CinemaCon this Wednesday, and attendees got to see the trailer halloween ends, In the audience were news website agents who said the trailer was legitimately terrifying. Others called it “scream-heavy” and “brutal”.

Curtis himself was present and presented the trailer. She said that the film was Laurie’s last stand against Michael Myers and added that the film would not pull any punches. The trailer initially featured footage from all three films released so far. But in the final scene, we see Michael and Laurie face to face. But it is Laurie who has an element of surprise.

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halloween kills

The finale will end with either Michael, or Laurie, or both of them dying. Perhaps this is the reason why the film is the finale of the main series.

halloween ends Hits theaters on October 14, 2022.

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