July 3, 2022

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‘Euphoria’ transgender star Hunter Schaefer was not allowed into the nightclub. description

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The star of “Euphoria”, Hunter Schaefer, was at the center of the scandal: the actress and her friend were not allowed to go to a nightclub in Düsseldorf. The girls were going to have fun and dance on Saturday night, but they overturned after controlling their faces. The organization’s security guard explained the reason for the refusal simply: Hunter and his friend are transgender. After the security guards did not let the actress into the club, she went live on social networks and told fans what had happened. The girl not only gave the address and name of the institution but also showed the face of the employee who had refused her.

“This place isn’t generally safe for trans people. This bouncer said my friend couldn’t go to the club because he’s trans. Now he hides his face because he’s scared. Man, you with seven million people Live; everyone is watching you. Guys, don’t go here,” the actress told Live. After the incident, the convicted guard was fired, and representatives of the institution gave a statement in which they apologized to Hunter and expressed words of support for trans people. However, Star’s fans successfully lowered the club’s rating from four stars to one.
Note that Hunter Schaefer is a global ambassador for Shiseido and has also appeared repeatedly in Prada advertising campaigns and on Coach and Dior shows.

I think we go through these stages of overpayment when you know what you think you can be. I had this conversation with my doctor the other day. In fact, it was like: ‘You’re still putting yourself in boxes. You have worked all your life not to live in cells, and now you are doing it on your own.

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