July 3, 2022

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Dua Lipa, in a stunning jumpsuit, collapses on stage

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Every artist knows the rule: Even if the show doesn’t go as planned, the performance must go on. However, not all stars pass such a test with dignity. For example, Justin Bieber once walked off stage because a fan threw a bottle at him. dua lipa Recently found herself in an unpleasant situation, but the singer still managed to save face and prove her professionalism.

During a concert in Milan, which was part of her world tour, Lipa took the stage in a stunning hot pink jumpsuit, long satin gloves and heels. To the applause of the fans, Dua sang and danced till the ground came out from under her long legs.

Fortunately, the artist was not injured: she quickly got up and continued her performance as if nothing had happened. Fans of the star shared a video of this moment on social networks.

“God, what a good boy. I was so scared”, “Professionalism on the face,” “Clever girl, continued to sing in spite of everything,” “I hope Lipa is okay. It was heard that she spoke loudly Mara”, “Agreed, many stars have something to learn from him,” Internet users commented on the entry. In her personal life, while talking to Vogue, the singer said that she is satisfied with her single life.

The next chapter in my life is really about being alone.” The thought was his. Surprisingly, however, he continued that it was a big deal. He stepped in for me, and I panicked; what am I going to do? I don’t want to be on my phone, said the crooner.

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