June 30, 2022

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Court rejects claims of 53-year-old rock singer Marilyn Manson’s former assistant

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Marilyn Manson court case rejected by the court. The court dismissed the lawsuit against abuser Marilyn Manson.
The court rejected the claim of Ashley Walters, 53, former assistant to rock singer Marilyn Manson Brian Warner, who accused the artist of misbehaving with her. Billboard report.

In May last year, the artist’s former assistant filed a lawsuit against her, accusing her of sexual harassment and violence. In addition, Walters said that Manson forced her to work 48 hours a day and also suggested that her friends rape her.
The claims of the alleged victim pertain not only to the rock musician but to his entire team. Label Marilyn Manson Records Inc. Ashley, while naming co-defendants, said they had to work in a toxic environment due to being humiliated and bullied by the team.

All the events described by the former assistant of the artist in the trial happened in 2010 and 2011, which was the main reason for the termination of the case. The court recognized that too much time had elapsed since the incident and also held that Walters was not able to collect sufficient evidence.

Earlier, rocker Marilyn Manson accused and sued her ex-fiancé Evan Rachel Wood of lying about the violence.
Manson claims that Wood was lying when he said that he treated her abusively with someone she had previously been in a relationship with. The lawsuit notes that these false statements “derailed the artist’s successful music, television and film career.” Among other things, the court document alleges that Wood and his partner Ashley Gore publicly portrayed Manson as a “rapist.” He allegedly set up a fake email account “to create alleged evidence that Warner was emailing pornography” and forged and distributed fake emails from an agent to give the impression that Manson’s “victims” were in danger. were and were targeted against the musician.

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