June 30, 2022

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Cindy Crawford, 56, shows off what she looks like without makeup and styling

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56 year old supermodel Cindy Crawford In a new video, she was seen without makeup and style. The catwalk star shared the video on social networks. Cindy Crawford posted a video on her personal blog showing herself before and after makeup and styling. First, the 56-year-old supermodel appeared in a pajama shirt, without makeup, and wet hair after the shower, and then she appeared in makeup, with a hairstyle, and a satin blouse. It took only a few seconds for Crawford to get ready. “If only it were that easy,” she captioned.

“Gorgeous, with or without makeup,” “beautiful in any case,” “that’s what I call natural beauty,” “the most beautiful woman,” and “a real supermodel,” wrote Internet users in the comments. Earlier, it was published that the supermodels of the 90s you liked the most – are Kate Moss , Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and Linda Evangelista. In the 90s, the supermodel became a model of beauty. Ideal parameters are still checked against the figure of Cindy Crawford – at 90-60-90, you can safely consider your figure as a reference.

However, the reason for the success of the fashion models of the 90s is not only in appearance: each of them was and remains an individual with his own character, opinion and goal in life. Cindy walked barefoot in her embellished John Galliano dress with a delicate bouquet of white flowers—and yes, beachy waves were essential to her hair. Gerber’s white linen shirt and black flowing pants maintained the casual atmosphere the pair wanted, and she walked down the aisle with Gerber. Cindy, 56, wore a white blouse with a white coat and black trousers over her shoulders at a celebrity hotspot with her family, while Randy, 60, accidentally rolled up her sleeves in a gray shirt. There were blue jeans and shoes. Although Presley couldn’t attend dinner with them, he seemed satisfied.

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