July 4, 2022

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Cardi B’s reaction to a yacht sinking near her villa

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Cardi B She clearly had an unusual look during her recent vacation to the tropics. This Saturday, the 29-year-old Grammy winner witnessed the impressive wreck of a yacht that sank right next to her luxury villa. Being a public figure, she clearly could not leave the situation unnoticed and recorded this unexpected incident with the ship on video.

“What… oh my god… she’s sinking! Are you seeing all this? Do you see all this? Oh my god, they can’t do anything about it. Isn’t there a bigger boat that can help her? Could save? She’s gone! Everything’s lost! Bye! Bye… Oh my god, she’s gone!” The artist screams emotionally behind the scenes.
Cardi B summed up her signature “tragedy movie” with fake screams, especially when the last part of the boat sank next to the cliffs right in front of her oceanfront home. The artist clarified that there was no one on the yacht when she sank, so, fortunately, everyone remained safe and sound. “The giant boat sank before our eyes. Luckily no one was there,” she wrote in her stories below the video.

When the divers descended in search of the place of sinking of the boat, some strange comments came. ” Breaking News. Therefore, the search team is looking for a boat. I just saw a scuba diver go downstairs… baby, that bikini bottom thing. She’s been on it for a long time! SpongeBob is already selling it at auction,” Cardi B said with a laugh.
In any case, the May holiday will be remembered by the star for a long time, and fans with laughter will recognize the ironic manner and sympathy of the artist. She presented a stunning travel scene at Miu Miu for the first time when she traveled to her destination via private jet, sporting a rainbow ensemble with chunky white retro sunglasses, matching platform heels, a chunky green bangle and matching hoop earrings. Knit two-piece pair.

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